Document Type : Original Research Paper


Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, 420008, Kremlevskaya Str., 18, Kazan University, Faculty of Geography and Ecology


The offered approach is based on the establishment of the functional dependence between river water discharge (Q) and suspended ms ,in a number of observations, which noticeably differs from the mean value (R) of subsequent allocated period(s). The earliest period anthropogenic component during the subsequent period(s) is the difference between an actual suspended sediment yield and its hypothetical value, which is connected only with changes of natural (mainly, hydro-climatical) factors without any anthropogenic changes of geographical (erosive) conditions in a river basin. This hydro-climatical component is calculated by extrapolation of an me for subsequent period(s). Approbation of the offered approach is made on the examples of some rivers (Zapadny Bug (Ukraine), Magdalena (Colombia), Bei-Nan (Taiwan, China), Sanchuanhe (China) and Indus (India, Pakistan, China).