Document Type : Original Research Paper


Geological Survey of Montenegro, Kruöevac bb, 81 000 Podgorica, Montenegro.


Production of Metallogenic-prognostic map (MPM) was preceded by the preparation of instructions that define three phases of work: preparation (with preparation of the Project), realization of field and laboratory research and data processing with production of different maps and, finally, production of the prognostic map with the accompanying instruction book. During the Project realization, the main task was construction of high-quality structural-geologic map at the scales of 1:25,000 and 1:50,000. Particular attention was paid to facial (lithological-stratigraphic) characteristics of geological formations in the hanging wall and footwall of Jurassic bauxites, including a detailed survey of numerous geologic columns. Besides, up to four geologic columns with detailed sampling for chemical, mineralogical and geochemical analyses were measured in each deposit and occurrence of bauxite. Production of special-purpose maps of the bauxite-bearing area was based on the geologic map and geologic cross-sections at the same scale. In order to produce these maps, particular criteria were defined and worked out, including classification and scoring according to the class. The next phase involved the production of the Basic map for MPM, with basic geographical ang geological contents. Isolines and scoring data were transferred to the MPM from the special-purpose maps. After that, points were gathered into six classes. Isolines were constructed by the perspectivity classes with the following scores: I: 4-6; II: 7-11; III: 1214; IV: 15-19; V: 20-22; VI: 23 points. In this way, regional zonation of the bauxite-bearing area was made according to the level of perspectivity, i.e. the Metallogenic-prognostic map of the investigated area was produced.