Document Type : Original Research Paper


Ph. D. Student in Mineralogy, Armenia State University


In the present research synthesis of zeolites, merlinoite minerals of natural clinoptiloite mineral in the presence of alkaline mediums, was investigated. The analyzed variants are a result of a concentration of Na+ and K+ ions, temperature and time. Phase transition of clinoptiloite was conducted in the presence of an 8 molar potash solution (KOH) and a 4 molar soda solution (NaOH). Results indicated that merlinoite phase occurs at a temperature of 200 degrees centigrade and the presence of highly concentrated ions of Na+. With the passage of reaction time, the concentration of the synthesized merlinoite is increased accordingly. XRD studies suggest orthorhombic synchrony with the dimensions of c = 9.45 Aº, a = 14/12 Aº, d = 2/19 Aº, n = 1/494 Aº for merlinoite.