Document Type : Original Research Paper


Department of geology and exploration of hydrocarbon deposits, Russian State Geological Prospecting University


The geotemperature factor of the subsurface is among the important reasons for defining hydrocarbon generation conditions, which characterize migration processes and the accumulation of oil and gas in sedimentary rocks. It also has an application aspect, which is very important for potential oil and gas forecasts and the selection of exploration plays. It provides a practical capability to use the data of disruptions in the regional and local geotemperature field for tracking hydrocarbon migration paths, determining discharge zones, areas and foci of geo-fluid-dynamic systems. This is one reason why temperature conditions in the geologic section of oil and gas regions, areas, zones and prospects may be weighty arguments in oil and gas exploration. The study results may benefit planning and conducting exploratory operations in other basins of mobile belts, similar to the studied ones in their tectonotype.