Document Type : Original Research Paper


Department of Mining Engineering, Arak University of Technology, Arak, Iran


The Haft Saravan area is located in 90 km SE Arak in the central Iran. This area is a part of Malyer-Isfahan metallogenic belt. The article's objective is determining the most suitable method for identifying mineralized zones using original singularity and weighted singularity methods in three-dimensional space. In weighted singularity method, mineralized zones have a greater volume relative to original singularity method. Coefficient of areal association showed that percentage of overlapping of two methods is less than 50% for Pb, Fe and Mn and less than 55% for Zn. Two methods were compared by modified singularity method in order to select the best method. Percentage of overlapping is more than 98% both original and modified singularity methods for Pb, Zn and Mn and is less than 45% for weighted singularity method. Therefore, it can be said that original singularity method is suitable relative to weighted singularity in identifying mineralized zones due to the high overlapping of original and modified singularity method.