Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Department of Geology, University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran

2 Cape Consulting Group, N 303, Motahari Avenue, Tehran, Iran


Active deformation in Alborz range is due to N-S convergence between Arabia and Eurasia. This paper provides geomorphic traces of regional deformation in NW Iran in order to characterize active faulting on major faults. Soltanieh and North Zanjan fault systems are involved in convergence boundary extent between South Caspian Basin and Central Iran. Soltanieh and North Zanjan faults are major reverse faults in the study area. Soltanieh fault has been probably responsible for historical Soltanieh earthquake in 1803. Accurate mapping accompanied by field observations enabled offset determination along active faults. We presented geomorphic documents indicating left-lateral strike-slip movements in Soltanieh fault zone. Kinematics is achieved through analyzing inversion results obtained from kinematic measurement sites which are generally scattered along Soltanieh fault zone. Fault kinematic data inversion results (slip-vector measurement in fault planes) indicate a dominant NE trending horizontal maximum stress axis (σ1). Kinematic inversion results infer reverse faulting mechanism accompanied by strike-slip component.